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Stephen J Preston


Pianist, composer and author Stephen J Preston is director of Arius School of Performing Arts and musical director for Contemporancient Theatre. He runs Sing it, Learn it - Songs for Kids, with guitarist and tutor Jon Powell - a YouTube channel specialising in educational songs for children, and provides bespoke music sessions for schools.

His latest book, The Boy Who Flew with Dragons will be available from Saturday April 30th, 2022.

The Boy Who Flew with Dragons

Written for children aged 9+, The Boy Who Flew with Dragons tells the story of Tomos, a little boy on holiday in Pembrokeshire, West Wales with his mum, step-dad and baby sister. The holiday is quickly turned upside-down after Tomos meets a mysterious old man, Tudur, a friendly blue dragon, and his six dragon friends. 

Tomos embarks on an amazing adventure in which Tudur and his friends help him to begin to deal with traumatic experiences in his past. Touching, funny and immersed in the landscape of Pembrokeshire, the book fits perfectly with the new curriculum for Wales as well as other education structures, and allows teachers to explore issues of wellbeing, literacy, geography, art and music.

Stephen provides specialist music sessions for schools based on the story as well as full projects with Year 5/6 (Scotland P6/7) pupils.

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