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Stephen J Preston


The Good, the Bad & the Apocalypse

Stephen's first novel

The Good, the Bad and the Apocalypse is a satirical romp set two millennia after The Great Catastrophe: a global confluence of destructive events which almost wiped out humanity. From that seemingly hopeless situation emerged the New Society, forced to live in domed cities as protection from the polluted and dangerous world outside, and ruled by the Administration: an autocratic and all-encompassing global government. 

In the city of Cardome, New Wales, Tim Chearie, a single, thirty year-old, good-hearted under-achiever is going no-where. He is stuck in an unfulfilling job, still struggling with the mysterious death of his parents twelve years previously; desperate to find love and a sense of meaning.

His life undergoes a radical change after an apparently innocuous request to deliver a small package from a senior member of the Administration to a university professor. In a seemingly unrelated event, two followers of Clintianity—the only state-sanctioned religion—arrive at his door and invite him to the local saloon. Clintianity centres its beliefs on the Westerns of Clint Eastwood and is regarded with a mix of derision and suspicion, particularly because of their archaic practice of the much frowned-upon inter-human sexual intercourse rather than sex with androids. Tim reluctantly agrees to attend, and at the meeting meets the beautiful and intriguing Mandy.

What follows ultimately opens Tim’s eyes to the real nature of the New Society, his parents’ deaths and true love.